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Camp Overviews - 2019


Puck Skills & Skating Clinic


Camp Dates & Time

June 24-27 @ Patterson Ice Center from 1pm to 4pm.

Eligible Players

Squirt and Pee Wee age. Must have a minimum of one year of Cross Ice II or house hockey.  Please call if you have questions.



A fun-filled, four-day summer program for players who want to learn and improve the proper skills of puck handling and specific stick handling moves (dekes) in order to progress in this sport. This is our primary foundation camp that will help players improve in these skill areas.  Two and a half hours of daily on-ice instruction will be supported by off-ice sessions that will show each player how to work on puck skills off the ice, at home, during the summer months. A skating skills session is included daily to increase balance, speed and agility. A short scrimmage session on Thursday will help "build in" the skills we work each day.  On the final day of camp, parents will have the opportunity to meet with Coach Baum and his staff to ask questions and gain valuable information on how to help their young hockey player properly learn these FUN-damental skills.  All sessions are open for parents to observe.  A camp jersey is also included.


Major Skills Emphasized
  • Puck control: (Dribbling, carrying, puck protection, turning with the puck, & basic dekes)

  • Understanding the concept of "split vision" when handling the puck

  • Understanding the concepts of "finding open ice" and learning "patience with the puck" 

  • Skating for increased balance, speed & agility

Pre-Camp Info

Parent – Player – Coaches meeting on Monday, June 25th  at 12:15 pm.

NOTE:  Players will dress in their hockey gear after the meeting.

Body Play, Safety, & Checking Camp


Camp Dates

July 22-26 @ Patterson Ice Center.  Morning session 8:30-2pm. Afternoon session 2-7pm. 

Eligible Players

Pee-Wee and Bantam age players



This camp could also be considered a "Confidence Builder Camp" or a "Defensive Skills Camp".  Although checking does not begin until the Bantam age level, this program is a MUST for every Pee Wee & Bantam hockey player. In fact, we highly recommend at least two sessions, in successive summers, in order for players to learn all the skills covered and how to be safe, as physical play and the speed of the game increases.   During the four hours of daily on-ice instruction, players will learn how to take and receive stick and body checks and how to become more stable on their skates in body play situations.  We will also identify on-ice danger zones and learn how to protect yourself when taking a check or getting pushed along the boards.  This camp can significantly improve every player's level of  confidence and help them learn to enjoy the physical parts of the game as they move from Squirt to Pee Wee and on to Bantam and High School levels.  A daily, off-ice training session will help players remember the techniques we teach on the ice.  An individualized player evaluation and camp jersey will also be given out as part of this program. In order to facilitate the transfer of these skills in actual game situations, daily cross-ice scrimmages will take place along with a full-ice game on Friday. From a safety aspect alone … this 20 hour ice program cannot be matched anywhere in Michigan!

Major Skills Emphasized
  • How to protect yourself when being checked, going into the boards, glass, and net.

  • Hip, shoulder, and stick checking

  • Skating for balance and stability, especially in contact situations. (1 hr/day)

  • On-ice safety, fore-checking, and angling

  • Body play along the boards while playing the puck

Pre-Camp Info

Parent – Player – Coaches meeting on Monday, July 22nd. Morning session at 7:45am. Afternoon at 1:15 pm.

NOTE:  Players will dress in their hockey gear after the meeting.

Puck Handling, Skating & Scoring Camp


Camp Date & Time

July 29 - August 2 @ Walker Ice and Fitness from 8:30am to 1:30pm.

Eligible Players

2nd year Squirt through 1st year Bantam. Must have a minimum of two years of house hockey or more.  Please call if you have questions.



A combination camp for players who are looking to advance their puck skills while also focusing on improving their scoring touch. The camp will focus on increasing every player's stick handling and puck protection skills, becoming more patient with the puck, proper shot or deke selection, and how to become a more consistent goal scorer. In addition, this eighteen (18) hour on-ice program will also include an off-ice skills component and will focus attention on the techniques of shooting, using fakes, deflections, and rebounds to score goals. We will also cover what shot to use in specific situations. A detailed, individual player evaluation and jersey are also included in this camp.


Major Skills Emphasized
  • Puck handling in open ice and "in traffic"

  • Puck protection skills along the boards and in open ice

  • Shooting skills and shot selection

  • Fakes, deflections and rebounding skills

  • Skating speed and agility; skating techniques when shooting specific shots.

Pre-Camp Info

Parent – Player – Coaches meeting on Monday, July 29th at 7:45 am.

Note:  After our short meeting on Monday, players will get dressed in their hockey gear.

Goalie Information

Hockey Specialty Camps will give two (2) goalies per session the opportunity to attend the entire week of hockey school, including two games on Friday, for $75 – that’s only $15 per day. While limited goaltending instruction will be provided, the daily shooting, power skating, and scrimmages will serve to enhance any goalie’s skill level in all areas.

E-mail or call us at (616) 299-6382 if you have any questions about goaltending opportunities at HSC this coming summer.


First-come-first-serve regarding registration slots. Register now.