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Our Mission

Hockey Specialty Camps is a summer hockey program that emphasizes only the major skills used in the game of hockey. The difference between every one of our summer programs and most other summer hockey schools is the amount of information we cover, how we work on the skills, and the positive, on-going feedback we provide each player.  Finally, the fee for the amount of ice time and quality instruction cannot be matched. 

Our Goals

Our primary goal is to provide a noticeable improvement in each player by the time they leave us in the skills we worked on.  In addition, we expect to see an increased level of confidence when players perform the skills we covered during the week.  

How We Accomplish Our Goals

We accomplish this by teaching a highly focused and limited number of skills while continually reviewing them all week. It is impossible for hockey players to improve much in one week if they are exposed to many different concepts. There is not enough time for practice and review – the two basic foundations in education. That is why we were one of the first to create a “specialty camp” concept. We specialize in only a few, yet very important skills in each camp, then we review (practice) them over and over again. We do not believe in an offering an “umbrella approach” (ie, many different skills) in any of our programs.  In hockey, as in the school classroom, this simply does not work.

Demonstration and constant feedback are also very important in learning. These two concepts are at the heart of all of our camps. Players will be shown the correct way to perform a specific skill and then will continually be critiqued as to his/her strengths and weaknesses. Daily scrimmage time during our two camps is used to measure the all-important transfer of these skills into game situations.

A Word About the Value of Repeating a Camp

Like watching your favorite DVD or movie for the second or third time, repeating one of our information-packed camp or clinic has had a major positive impact on many former players. In fact, most "repeaters" have told us they actually were able to transfer more skills into their game after re-taking a camp or clinic for a second or even third time.

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